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Coldstream Song  

We shall always lead by the silvery Tweed 

We’re the first true Border Toun 

And we can proudly say this is Coldstream’s day 

We’re a jewel in Scotia’s croon. 


So let us all rejoice, with a mighty voice 

As we see our banners blow 

For white and blue is staunch and true 

And Coldstream leads them all. 

Flodden Song  

At early o’clock on Flodden day  

We leave for yonder battlefield  

The Streamer heads two hundre horse  

With Standards Proud he leads.  




O’ Castrum Toon O’ Castrum Toon  

Ye’ll aye be dear tae me  

Though I’ve wandered for o’ ower the world  

My heart is aye with thee.  


Across the bridge and ower the Tweed  

The toon we leave behind  

It’ll no be long before we see  

Yon monument sae fine.  




The Piper plays a lamont sae sad  

Above the Boggy Palinsburn  

Where both nations mon, there they lie  

And in peace we will return.  




O’ Flodden Field, O’ Flodden Field  

Sae quiet and sae still  

There never was such a bloody day  

On yonder Branxton Hill.  



Streamer Song 

"We shall follow the Streamer wherever he may go,

over hill and over dale wherever he may roam,

we shall never forsake him,

he'll be our pride and joy,

for it's up it's up wi' the streamer oor ane true Castrum boy,

for it's up it's up wi' the streamer oor ane true Castrum boy!

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